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Spotlight on: Bath

In these series of posts, we aim to give our customers insight into the beautiful Somerset towns and cities that surround Cookswood.

The historic city of Bath is just 20 minutes away from Cookswood. Holding a prestigious UNESCO world heritage title, the picturesque city known for its spectacular Roman and Georgian architecture and beautiful Bath Stone has everything you need. Filled with museums, galleries and sites of interest like the famous Roman Baths. It’s easy to see why Jane Austen made Bath her home in the early 18th Century and made the city a setting for two of her novels.

As well as being linked to Roman history, Bath is also a vibrant and modern city, with all the metropolitan amenities you would expect. With a fantastic reputation for food and drink, Bath has a plethora of restaurants and bars (including several awarded Michelin stars) gastropubs and artisan delis. You can also discover a wonderful selection of food and drink festivals throughout the year, as well as beautiful Christmas, vintage and farmers markets.

A shopper’s dream, Bath offers an abundance of high end and independent boutiques, set in the historic high street and hidden in charming alleyways and courtyards. Of course, a visit to Bath isn’t complete without relaxing at the famous spa and roman baths. The natural hot springs have been attracting visitors for thousands of years. Finally, bath is known as being one of safest cities in UK, plus Its compact size means you can explore all it has to offer freely on foot.

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