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Seasonal Escapes: Why Somerset is Perfect Year-Round

When it comes to the idyllic countryside, few places deliver the picturesque charm of Somerset, UK. Yet, Somerset offers more than meets the eye. Its charm extends throughout the year, with every season bringing fresh delights for both visitors and locals. Somerset offers a variety of scenes year-round - from snow-capped landscapes and vibrant spring flowers to sun-drenched lakes in the summer and the golden hues of autumn. It's a destination that never fails to impress. And at the heart of this natural splendour, you'll find luxury holiday homes designed to be the perfect launchpad for your year-round Somerset adventure.

Glastonbury Tor at Sunrise on a crisp morning

The Timeless Allure of Somerset's Seasons

The beauty of Somerset is that it magically transforms with each passing season. Winter blankets the region in a serene calm, perfect for those seeking peaceful escapes in the frosty air. Spring breathes new life into the countryside with its bloom of wildflowers; summer bathes Somerset in its warm glow, highlighting its lakes and rivers; and autumn paints the landscape in a mesmerising palette of gold and copper.

There's something for everyone here, waiting to be celebrated throughout the year. For anglers, the winter means fishing on the waters of Exmoor, while spring sees the hillsides filled with walkers eager to capture the first burst of colour as Snowdrops and daffodils emerge. Summer invites adventurers to partake in various water sports on the county's many reservoirs and rivers, and the peacefulness of autumn is perfect for hot air balloon rides over the quilted landscape.

Luxury Defined by the Seasons

A truly year-round escape demands a holiday home that harmonises with the landscape no matter the season. The Cookswood estate in the heart of Somerset offers luxury holiday homes that blend modern comfort with ecological mindfulness. Thoughtfully designed to minimise their carbon footprint, these holiday homes – available for you to own - feature spacious interiors to keep you cosy in winter, along with large verandas that perfectly pair with a chilled glass of local cider on a summer's evening.

The Cookswood homes naturally align with Somerset's natural beauty, featuring wooden accents and plenty of windows to invite the outdoors in. Every home is a sanctuary thoughtfully integrated into its surroundings, ensuring your stays are tranquil and environmentally conscious. This aligns with Somerset's dedication to eco-friendly tourism.

Unveiling the Somerset Seasons: Activities and Events

Winters in Somerset

Visiting Somerset in winter is magical. The scenery is beautiful, and it's the perfect time to relax in nature. Take a walk on the South West Coast Path, where the views are sharp, and the taste of sea spray is invigorating. For the more daring, winter is also the perfect time to explore the shadowy caverns of Cheddar's Gorge.

Spring Awakening

Spring in Somerset is full of life after the winter slumber. The Somerset Levels and Moors become a vibrant wetland, humming with wildlife and birdsong. It's the perfect time for birdwatching or simply enjoying in the explosion of colour in the county's gardens.

Summers in Somerset

The quintessential British summer holiday is in full swing in Somerset. Beaches like Burnham-on-Sea and Minehead come alive with striped deck chairs and the laughter of children. If the heat starts to bear down, the clifftop walks of Brean Down offer refreshing sea-breezes. For a more peaceful escape, spend a lazy day at the nature reserves of Shapwick Heath and Ham Wall.

Autumn: Somerset's Golden Season

As the days shorten, Somerset's scenery embraces an autumnal hue. This is cider country, and the orchards of Somerset are filled with ripe fruit--you can smell it in the air. The Quantock Hills and Exmoor provide the perfect setting for a leisurely hike. Or immerse yourself in quiet beauty with a visit to the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, where the mists of the Somerset Levels will take your breath away.

Planning Your Somerset Seasonal Getaway

Planning a visit to Somerset depends on which season best resonates with you. The best time to visit for winter travel is from December to February, where Somerset promises quiet and solitude. For those who thrive on the beauty of flora and fauna, March to May will provide the richest experiences. Summer enthusiasts should mark June to August on their calendars, and fans of autumn should book their escape for September to November.

Deciding on your seasonal Somerset adventure is a personal choice, and it’s best to research the activities and events that align with your interests. From a frosty morning mist to the warmth of a summer's day, each season highlights Somerset in a different way, offering inspiration for your next memorable holiday.

Somerset: The Year-Round Appeal

Somerset’s year-round appeal is undeniable, and the seasonal changes only serve to highlight its diversity. The region offers something to suit every preference, from the bustling activities of summer to the quiet contemplation of winter. No matter the time of year, Somerset welcomes you to its timeless countryside, promising an escape that is both enriching and refreshing. Consider Somerset for your next UK getaway and experience the wonder of the changing seasons in full bloom. Make your visit to Somerset a complete experience by staying at your own Cookswood luxury holiday home, a stone's throw away from these remarkable destinations, and indulge in the best that the county has to offer!


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