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Rodeando Pueblos

Los pueblos locales que rodean Cookswood están llenos de tesoros escondidos que esperan ser descubiertos. Mells, a solo 5 minutos, es conocida por sus hermosos jardines amurallados, cabañas con techo de paja, elegantes pubs y el festival anual de narcisos. El pintoresco Castillo de Nunney, un castillo del siglo XIII bien conservado y abierto al público durante todo el año, se encuentra en el encantador pueblo de Nunney.


En Cranmore, visite la torre Cranmore para disfrutar de impresionantes vistas panorámicas de Somerset y los condados circundantes. Estos son solo algunos ejemplos de las muchas maravillas que esperan ser exploradas cerca de Cookswood.

Be Entertained at Cheese & Grain

Cheese & Grain is a not-for-profit venue and a hub for culture and entertainment. Known for hosting a variety of events, including music concerts, dance parties, and exhibitions, the Cheese & Grain is a beloved establishment for locals and visitors alike. You might even catch a performance by world-renowned bands, as the Foo Fighters once played a secret gig here! Check their schedule during your visit and get a taste of the vibrant local arts scene. Many of their events make the perfect thing to do in Frome with kids.


Take in the Town's Heritage & History

Dive into the local history by spending an afternoon at the Heritage Frome Museum. This small but comprehensive museum houses a wide range of artefacts, from geological specimens and Roman coins to World War II exhibitions, paying tribute to the town's rich heritage. With exhibits that tell the story of Frome's textile industry, mining history, and unique past, it's a must-visit for every history enthusiast. Admission is free, but donations are appreciated and help maintain this gem of local history. Once you're finished at the museum, take a stroll through town and see up to 300 listed buildings lining the streets!

Make a Shopping Stop at Catherine Hill

No trip to Frome would be complete without walking the cobbled path of Catherine Hill. This historic street, with its Georgian architecture and charming ambience, is a delight to explore. Lined with a diverse collection of independent shops, you'll find a treasure trove of unique items. Be sure to stop at The Dandy Lion (vintage clothing), Boho (women's clothing), and Sherlock & Pages (books). Once you've had your retail therapy, don't forget to visit one of the cosy cafes or bakeries dotting the street.

Enjoy the Lush Greenery of Victoria Park

Find some peace and tranquillity in the midst of Frome at Victoria Park. This historic park, established in the late 19th century in honour of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee, is perfect for a relaxing family picnic or a serene stroll. With beautifully maintained gardens, rose beds, a seasonal café, and thatched bandstand, the park is loved by the entire community. Don't miss the vibrant burst of colours when the flowers are in full bloom! We recommend Victoria Park as something to do for couples in town.

Get a Bit of Everything at Frome Independent Market

Step into a vibrant world of art, creativity, and culinary delights at the Frome Independent Market. This monthly market transforms Frome's town centre into a bustling bazaar, offering an eclectic mix of local artisan crafts, fresh produce, vintage treasures, and street food. And it's not just a market—it's a celebration of local culture and community spirit. Vendors may vary, but you can always find handcrafted goods, food and drink, music stalls and much more!

Frome is Easily Accessible from Cookswood

Owning a luxury, eco-friendly holiday home at Cookswood offers a slew of benefits, from the secluded tranquillity to the stunning scenery. But holidaying away from the hustle of the city doesn't mean you'll never have access to shopping, dining, and culture. Families who have built their dream holiday home at Cookswood take day trips and weekend getaways to places like Frome several times a year. Contact us to learn more about purchasing your very own holiday home on our beautiful estate.

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